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Follow This Post And It Will Save You Hundreds, Or Thousands, Of Dollars

by Marc on November 4, 2013, no comments

I’m about to save you hundreds, or thousands, of dollars, right now. All you have to do is follow exactly what I say, it’s the most guaranteed piece of money saving advice I can probably give you. If I’ve already convinced you, scroll to the bottom and follow the instructions and save yourself my spiel. If you just like to read my stuff, or you were immune to my fantastic opening pitch, keep reading.

Ladies and gentleman, I’m here to make you aware of a scam that you’ve been a part of for likely most of your adult life, depending on how old you are. You’ve been duped by major corporations with big marketing budgets and worse yet, tricked in to being happy about it as you forked over piles of cash. The sad thing is that we could have listened to our granddad or great granddad and not been in this predicament.

I struggled with this post, whether or not to put it on my site or not. If you don’t know me personally, I’m in sales, but that wasn’t the purpose of this site. I wanted to be able to share with people and help where I can, motivate if needed, not have my hand out. I decided though that this is something that I KNOW will save you money, and might even help out in other ways as you’ll find out in a bit. I’ve always heard that in order to make money you’ve got to spend money, in this case it will only cost you a few dollars, but you will save that and much more immediately.

What I’m talking about here is shaving. This applies to men and women, but for the sake of this post and brevity, I’m using men as examples. Ladies shave as well I know, and many of you ladies have spouses or significant others that you’d like to save money on, not to mention Christmas is coming and you’ll need to get him a gift, so both sexes read on if you want to keep those bucks in your bank account. You may even want to do your teen sons and nephews a huge favor by setting them straight from the get go, they will thank you later.

1930s-Gillette-double-edged-safety-razor-advertisementBack in the day, men shaved less frequently or went to a barber to get shaved. It was a chore if you couldn’t afford to go have it done, because you had to use a straight razor which required a lot of maintenance to keep sharp and care for, not to mention good technique. In the late 1800s the Safety Razor, or double edge razor, was invented. They all work basically the same despite minor differences in how the blade is held, but basically it was a handle with a captive, double edged, razor blade held at an angle, and a guard to keep you from slitting your throat. I’m sure you saw one of these razors lying in your granddad’s bathroom if he was a clean shaven man. Mr. Gillette invented one with disposable blades in 1901, and quickly realized that this was a fantastic business because it allowed men to shave daily, and the razor itself was inexpensive, but with disposable blades you had to keep coming back and buying more. This became known as the Razor and Blades Business Model, or “freebie marketing,” and is taught to marketers and sales people to this day. If you own a printer you’re familiar with this because even though the printer seems like the expensive part, it’s the $30 ink cartridges that far surpass the printer investment over the life of the printer.

This was how men shaved until the 1970s when Wilkinson invented the “bonded shaving system” which is now known as a cartridge razor. Initially they still had one blade but have evolved over the years to have 5 or more, encased in a plastic, disposable cartridge. It eliminated the need to handle and dispose of razor blades by having very little of the edge exposed, but it was costlier due to more materials and the manufacturing process, and obviously more wasteful. Multi-edge cartridges are also touted as being able to shave “closer,” with each blade getting a little more of those pesky whiskers on every pass. This is where men started to have skin, and wallet, problems.

The way these cartridge razors work, and get their “close” shave, is that each blade is meant to tug the hair up away from the skin so the next one can come along and lop it off further down the strand. The problem is that it can actually cut below the surface because the hair is pulled up and away, out of the skin before being cut, then the, now sharply cut, whisker retracts back under the skin where it doesn’t always grow straight back out of its little hole, and now you get an ingrown hair. It doesn’t happen on my face very much but I have had them on my neck, ladies I’m sure you know exactly what I’m talking about here as well. They grow under the skin and curl around just under the surface, and make a wonderful red, itchy, bump, until you get a needle or tweezers and pull it out into the open where it belongs. Some men’s faces are more sensitive than other’s and some ethnic groups have major problems with shaving because of sensitive skin, and end up using another expensive product, the electric razor which doesn’t get close at all, or just growing a beard

Expensive razor bladesSo we now are dragging 5 expensive blades across our face, but we KEEP the el cheapo plastic handle for who knows how long? How nasty is that thing that we stick repeatedly into dirty, bloody, toothpaste and spit filled sink water, before dragging it back across our face and scraping open wounds of ingrown hair bumps. Not to mention the handles are usually $10.00 or more themselves. I recently looked at the cost of replacement cartridges and for the most popular models, they range from $3.00-4.00 at the local grocery aisle, though buying in larger quantities can get them down in the $2.50/cartidge range. My great granddad didn’t need 5 blades, he couldn’t have even afforded to shave today, why do I need that many?

Luckily I’m here to help you because there are tons of double edge safety razors on the market, and the blades themselves are still very cheap and can be found most anywhere. I can get them locally for about $.16 each at my grocery store and just ordered some online for about $.10 each. Did you read that correctly? I can buy 30-40 blades for the price of ONE cartridge razor blade! How long would it take you to go through 30 blades when you use both sides each time you shave, so they last longer? The handles come in many styles and materials like all metal, bone, or enamel inlay, and they can range up to over $100. I’m not telling you to do that, but they are just out there.

So here’s the deal, if you buy this extremely cheap all metal razor, and this blade sampler pack, it will cost you about $15.00 today, I’ll try to keep an eye out and update this post in the future, but that’s the price of buying a single pack of replacement cartridge razors for your rotating head, Fusion, Proglide, Quattro, plastic ninja razor, not counting the razor itself. The sampler pack will let you try a few different blades, some work better than others on different people so you can find one you like, especially if you have sensitive skin. It’s a little higher to buy the blades this way but you get to try different ones.

Marc shaving cartoonWhat’s that? You’re afraid of using a double edged razor? Really? You think I’m going to tell you to use something dangerous and then keep myself out there on social media and have my blog comments open for you to come back and tell me you lost a quart of blood and passed out? After your first time or two using this you will be a pro and you’ll be shaving in about the same time it takes your Ninja Chopper 2000 to scrape hairs off your face. Can it take longer? Sure, but it doesn’t have to. There are plenty of videos out there to show you how if you just can’t get the hang of it. There are all kinds of soaps and creams, badger brushes, shaving mugs, pre shave oils, after shave lotions, you name it, it’s out there, and yeah, they are cool. Back in the barber days it was an experience getting a shave, and you can get a few of these things as well if you like to bring this experience into your bathroom, and it is nice. When I take a shower right after a run it’s my favorite time to shave because the whiskers are already softened and the skin exfoliated from the hot shower and it’s when I like to take my time shaving.

All I’m telling you to do though is order a razor and some blades, grab the same can of shaving cream you use now, and shave with it, period. You’re JUST shaving hair, off your face! Once you realize how quick and easy it is, and the fact that you can shave for years on the price you spend now on one pack of cartridges, you might consider looking in to other accessories. I actually bought a nicer handle, I use a Merkur razor that feels really nice in the hand and isn’t very expensive still, about $35-50 but I like it’s weight. It would make a great gift ladies, so if that’s what you’re looking for, check these out. There are even shaving aficionados that seek out the older ones on eBay and local flea markets and if you like it that much, take the time and find the one that tickles your fancy.

That’s it, order it today so you’ll get it right away. The cheap razor ships from China, it takes a few days to arrive, so get it on the way right now, its TWO DOLLARS! Unless you’re on Duck Dynasty, you’re going to need to shave soon so no reason not to start saving, you’re probably close to needing to buy a pack of cartridges anyway. You won’t find a razor cheaper than the one I linked, but if I’ve convinced you and you’re ready to jump right in to this, check out the Merkur razor, Edwin Jagger, or Parker razor. They are all quality razors that will last you and your kid or grandkid’s lifetime, so start a tradition and pass it down to them, or pick them up as gifts for this Christmas. Then buy this pack of 100 blades for a whopping $12.00 and be set for years to come, these are the blades I bought.

Full disclosure, I’m linking you to Amazon, I figure that’s the easiest way to get you somewhere to buy and start saving right now, everyone has an Amazon account these days. You can even try Amazon Prime free for 30 days and most of these will get free and/or expedited shipping if you’re a Prime member so sign up for that if you like. I don’t sell these, but I will make a few pennies off them, as long as you buy it right now, or within 24 hours of clicking one of the links on my site. I figure that for even someone skeptical, $15 is so cheap you’ll just do it right now, this is a no brainer guys, you WILL save hundreds over the coming years. If you think the 8 cents I get off you buying the cheap razor is putting millions in my bank account, and I don’t deserve it, then go buy it elsewhere, it doesn’t matter to me, it’s 8 CENTS! Just please come back and tell me “thank you” when you’re saving far more than that 8 cent you didn’t want me to make. If you decide to get one of the nicer ones, I’ll make a few pennies more, so thank you for supporting the site. If I haven’t convinced you right away and you wait a day, I hope you’ll come back and click my link again, I mean, 8 cent is 8 cent right? You’re about to save triple digits or more in the coming years!

If you do this, please come back and comment on how it went and how excited you are about saving money and sticking it to the man. It’s like saving money by giving up smoking!

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