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Announcing My New Consulting Job For Under Armour

by Marc on November 5, 2013, 3 comments

I’m excited to announce that last night I took a position with Under Armour to consult on their men’s running line. How exciting!

under-armour-sports-logoAs a distance runner, I’m always on the lookout for something better than what I’m using to make me faster, stronger, cooler/warmer, or more comfortable when running. A few months ago I was in a Dicks Sporting Goods and checked out a clothing brand that I was pretty familiar with, Under Armour. There were other brands there too, Nike and Reebok had pretty prominent displays, but Under Armour was right there between them with just as much product.

I had checked out their gear before, and even have a few UA shirts I’ve used for training runs, decent run shorts were where they were lacking. They didn’t really even have a “run” line of gear back then, just generic training gear for working out. But it seems they are getting in on the run craze now, and I spotted several pairs of shorts that look like good candidates. The first two pair didn’t have pockets, where would I put my gels, trash, beanie cap when I got too warm on a cool day? These weren’t “real” run shorts. Then I spotted a pair with pockets, now we’re getting somewhere. I noted some deficiencies but they seemed decent enough to give a shot. I spend more time training than racing so for shorter runs at home they’d be fine while my good shorts might be in the wash.

After a few runs, up to 10 miles I believe one time, my suspicions were confirmed, there were too many issues to wear these for a full marathon or ultra, they’d be my “training” shorts. Fortunately Under Armour, particularly the UAWomen line, has gotten even more involved with running, and fitness in general, by partnering with the Fitfluential community and become more active socially. I tweeted them once several months ago when they were participating in a Fitfluential Twitter chat and mentioned having recommendations, but didn’t hear back from them.

Last night however, they were listening. They were sponsoring another Twitter chat and as soon as it opened, I tweeted them and they responded immediately, even openly RT’ing it so their followers could see they were interested in what I had to say. So I thought about how I could easily get them the info I needed, 140 characters just weren’t enough, roll footage!

My video response;

And their response?

How awesome is it that we live in a day where a billion dollar corporation is interested in what I, little ole Marc Nobody, runner from Nowheresville, Georgia, has to say, and was excited to hear my public, critical review of their clothing? I’m sure they’ll be contacting me soon about my sponsorship deal before my next race, and picking me up in the corporate jet to fly up to Maryland and further discuss their running line, take that Lance/Nike! I’d also propose better looking running gear for men since women have all kinds of “cute/hot” running stuff, guys just look dumpy in black or blue shorts and one of a few solid color, baggy shirts. Us “crazy” ones might get a little “out there” with a fluorescent orange or yellow shirt.

Under Armour is too big of a sports company not to be involved in running, there are FAR more of us runners than there are football and lacrosse players, and we don’t stop running when we turn 35. I didn’t even START until I was 40! They’d be crazy not to jump in full bore on this when they have a brand that people wear as much because of the popular logo as they do for its comfort and sweat wicking properties while performing.

I’ll be at the airport waiting for you Under Armour…

Be sure to leave me a comment about what you’d like to see from Under Armour, and don’t forget to share with your social media audience by choosing your favorite button below. Just to clarify, I do NOT work for Under Armour, you read no mention of a job offer, though they really should consider me ;-)

3 thoughts on “Announcing My New Consulting Job For Under Armour

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