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Weird Uncle LinkedIn

by Marc on October 20, 2014, 3 comments

LinkedIn is like that weird uncle that you only see at Thanksgiving or Christmas. You don’t really see him a lot, you never know what he’s going to say, you don’t know what to say to him, and you don’t really know what to do or how to act around him, he’s just been around forever […]

The Facebook Problem – It’s ALL of Our Fault

by Marc on January 19, 2014, no comments

Right now social media managers, online community managers, or whatever name they want to call themselves but people who get paid to “play” on Facebook all day are pulling their hair out because changes in Facebook are making their Page’s view numbers go WAY down. It’s a valid concern. Just last month Facebook was quoted […]

Announcing My New Consulting Job For Under Armour

by Marc on November 5, 2013, 3 comments

I’m excited to announce that last night I took a position with Under Armour to consult on their men’s running line. How exciting! As a distance runner, I’m always on the lookout for something better than what I’m using to make me faster, stronger, cooler/warmer, or more comfortable when running. A few months ago I […]